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Save the Children has partnered with SAP Ariba to deliver our new global Procurement system called ProSave. This system is a significant step forward for our organisation, ensuring we procure and deliver goods and services to the most marginalised children in the most effective way.

We are currently training our offices to use ProSave. If you are one of our suppliers, you can find out more about which offices have been trained and how you can benefit from being registered with the Ariba Network via your Save the Children procurement contact.

Join the Ariba network

The Ariba Network is a web-based platform which allows suppliers to connect with our global procurement system, ProSave and interact with Save the Children electronically. By registering on the SAP Ariba Network, suppliers will be able to receive electronic purchase orders and submit online bids to tenders. Using the Ariba Network is free of charge.

The Ariba Network offers suppliers many benefits, including:

  • Reduction in manual and paper processes,
  • Improvement in internal processes,
  • Open up to new business opportunities and customers, who have also partnered with SAP Ariba,
  • Use of the SAP Ariba mobile app, meaning you will never miss a Purchase Order.

Registration onto the Ariba Network only takes a few minutes. If you haven’t already, please click here to sign up.

Suppliers can also download the SAP Ariba mobile app here, where you can receive notifications or view and manage their Purchase Orders.