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This is a global education emergency.

The rapid spread of coronavirus has forced the world’s schools to shut their doors to over 1.6 billion learnersFor the first time in human history, an entire generation has had their education disrupted. 

After months stuck at home, many children are heading back to class and being reunited with their friends. But not every child will be so lucky.

Children who live in low-income countries, in refugee camps and war-zones may never return to school – especially girls. Globally, children have lost a total of 112 billion days of school. Our new Save Our Education report reveals nearly 10 million children may never return.

Each day that passes, they grow more vulnerable to hunger, violence, child labour or child marriage.

We're facing the biggest global education emergency of our lifetime.

Find out more about our current campaign, 100 Days of Action.


of learners are currently out of school


of worldwide learners are currently affected


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What we're calling for

  • All children continue to learn while schools are closed through inclusive distance learning.
  • Every child is supported to return to school when it is safe to do so.
  • Governments and donors invest in education now so we can build better education systems for the future.

Download our report    View the online report

Why Education Matters.

For any child, suddenly being cut off from school, their friends and their normality can be tough. For vulnerable children, it’s devastating.

School is a lifeline for so many children. When home isn't safe, school is protection. When you're hungry, school provides food. And when you're living in poverty, school is hope for a better future.

With an education, children have a chance to build a better future for us all.

Partnering with ONE, we've created a Lost Potential Tracker which shows in real time just how many 10-year-olds are living without basic literary skills. This is a key milestone, without which later life becomes lot harder. Find out more here.


“I miss school”.

"Including this time, I've been out-of-school three times in my lifetime. I hope this disease disappears and then the school reopens and we can learn again."

Children like 13-year-old Ahmad from North East Syria are anxious to get back to school. But as world leaders focus on the health of their citizens and economies during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are neglecting a generation’s education. 

Together, we must wake the world up to the education emergency.  All of our futures depend on it.